Today we celebrate foolery…. so why not point out and mock the biggest biofools?

Happy Biofools Day 2009! Today, we’re calling out some of the biggest perpetrators and promoters of false solutions to climate change and that includes industrial biofuels.

Who are you voting for?



Green family living

This isn’t Chicago-based, but it’s in the Midwest, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

nature mom

Nature moms is a neat web site based out of Ohio for natural organic family living. What I like about it is that it’s run by a mom as well. The content could be cleaned up a tad, but on the whole, I think it’s a nice resource for families looking for reliable advice.


new header!

I decided to exercise my nonexistant photo skills and snapped this pic while in Sausalito, CA. Gorgeous place, gorgeous scenery. I hope I did it justice.


Kiwi magazine

Ever heard of Kiwi? No, not people from New Zealand, silly.

I’m talking about Kiwi magazine, a parenting magazine that has great information on how to raise your family in a sustainable, eco-conscious way. The web site isn’t all that impressive, but you gotta love their cutesy titles like “Bookworms” and “KiwiKids.”

After all, it’s a go green or go home world out there these days. Ain’t it?


Green Drinks: Chicago

“Are you green?” is all you need to feel the love with your local chapter of Green Drinks. According to the main site, Green Drinks is a monthly networking opportunity to meet new people or catch up with old friends who are in the business of hugging trees… or well just being earth-friendly.

Green Drinks Chicago is having their next meeting March 18. They’ve actually got two monthly meetings, one for the purposes of networking, and another for sustainable businesses. That meeting is March 31. Check out their calendar of events for more information.


Some folks and I took our love of all things green to the next level, and came up with a magazine for green/environmental/eco-conscious consultants.You know who you are.

So after a boat load of market research, surveys and more research, we decided we’d be a quarterly print magazine, but our primary focus would be on the web with an e-magazine and our awesome, awesome Web site. In our mock up of the first issue, we decided to focus on a place, and naturally we turned to the west coast.

I was all for California (home sweet home) but that’s been done. We wisely picked Portland, (and here’s a fun fact) which, as it turns out, is considered the greenest city in America.

So anyhow here’s a sample of our cover and table of contents. (Designed by yours truly.)

What do you think?? Comment please!

Our mock up cover page for the premier issue.

Our mock up cover page for the premier issue.

The table of contents featuring our department stories.

The table of contents featuring our department stories.

The table of contents for the feature stories.

The table of contents for the feature stories.

Note: These stories were never written, nor are they something we pursued. They are just ideas we had. We own none of these pictures and thank the various web sites we got them from. This project was purely for educational purposes.


Today’s green friendly tip is courtesy of Idealbite.com, which is self professed to be a “sassier shade of green.”

And we likey sassy!

So according to this handy site, regular run-of-the-mill lip balm is oh so passé. It’s got all this icky stuff like petroleum in it!


Instead, try lip palms that are eco-friendly, because they are plant-based. The bonus? Besides paying your does to the planet?

It’s healthier of course! Idealbites.com says petroleum impurities have been linked to breast cancer. Plus ever heard of the petroleum shortage? Yea, it’s kind of a big deal.

Check out Idealbite.com for more tips and information, and awesome lip balm suggestions.

I’m out to unchap my lips. The Chicago winds are unmerciful!